About Me

Throughout my information technology career I learned that most companies needed to document their processes, procedures, and troubleshooting methods, so I used those opportunities to improve my writing skills. I discovered that I enjoyed writing standard operating procedures, user guides, training materials, and technical troubleshooting instructions.

Technical writing is my passion and I strive to write concise documentation that helps the reader solve technical problems. One of my favorite tasks is to evaluate workflows and create efficient solutions. Similar to troubleshooting hardware or software, I analyze the problem, develop and validate the solution, and write the documentation.

I am available for full-time or contract technical writing positions in the Seattle area or remote. My writing samples are available on this website and on occasion I contribute to open source documentation. I am self-taught for a variety of software to create and host documentation: reStructuredText, Sphinx, Markdown, WordPress, Microsoft Word, Confluence, Read the Docs, Git, GitHub, Oxygen XML, and text editors such as Visual Studio Code and Atom.